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Data Driven Teaching Strategies for Educator Leadership

Teacher | Classroom Data | Spreadsheets

Educator Training on Data Analysis and Decision making

  • Contextualized - blend of tools and key soft skills - decisions, actions and communication

  • Analyze class'/school's efforts, support systems, make informed actions

  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis - Academic frameworks, Behavioral Aspects, Observations

  • Lesson Planning, Classroom Actions, Assignments to Research, Policy, Advisory and Training

  • Two Free Sessions, for your review 

  • End of program, if there is no new learning approach, you only pay 20% of original intended fees.

School/Organizational Services

  • Monitoring and Evaluation - Academic + Non Academic process for better teacher actions

  • Process setting, Academic Frameworks, Goal Setting

  • Digital Adoption - Dashboarding (PowerBI/Google Studio) Tools/Apps adoption 

  • Assessments, Drill-downs, Impact Analysis 

  • Sharing Success and Challenges as Academic Journals and Publishing

  • Strategy Planning and Decision Making thought partnering - Academic + Non Academic 

We also do specialized data analysis programs for ​

  • Students

  • Organizational/Corporate trainings

  • Advanced Data tools - PowerBI, Tableau - Rooted in Context

Other Programs - Students | Corporates

Corporates - Do Visit our " For Corporates" Section

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