because your data should work for you!
To achieve this, building an in-house capability is mission-critical. Our approach augments the data journey - both tactical and strategic. ​We enable a smooth transition through the data journey by enabling you to make data work for all.

Do we need a data division ??!!

Most practical for small and medium enterprises, a Data services module comes at a fraction of the cost, time & effort of setting up an in-house data team.​
We have successfully built, operated, trained, and transferred data divisions to many SMEs. 

Pepsi knows more about our students than we do!

Digitizing school records and personalized reporting has enabled a better understanding of students - thereby leading to success in improving learning outcomes. 

Classroom analytics enables cross-sectoral inclusion by providing contextual analytics for all the respective stakeholders.

Greatest technological barrier - lack of knowledge

We educate and implement how of bridging social impact missions with technology innovations. Our design-centric teams build customized IT solutions to make you successful.